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Why Is Branding Important?

First, to understand why branding is important, we must understand what branding is and what it entails.

Branding is the overall image of your company. While you might think of a logo as a brand, a logo is merely one piece of the overall brand – in conjunction with other items such as your brand’s name, design, missions, and values. What sets you apart from the competition? What drives and motivates your business to operate each day? These are questions that can be answered and communicated with the correct branding.

With this in mind, here are a few top reasons why branding is important for your business.

  1. Helps you connect with your customers: A strong brand can help you connect with your customers even on an emotional level. Emotions tied to your brand = more sales!
  2. Promotes internal buy-in: When your internal staff can understand your brand, they are more likely to buy into your brand and believe in the business for which they are working. Branding provides clarity for your staff, telling them what to do, how to do it, and why they’re doing it.
  3. Sets you apart from the rest: You’re different and you’re better than your competition. You need to communicate this in your branding so that others know it.
  4. Helps you get referrals: People who buy into your brand might represent your brand – such as wearing a company t-shirt or sticking a company sticker on their laptop. Word-of-mouth can help you gain referrals.
  5. Helps your business stay on track: Branding can help your business stay on track and task. When you have values, a mission, and an overall image to guide you, you are more likely to know what direction you need to be headed.
  6. Demonstrates your personality: Branding is a great way to project an image of your business. Is your business designed for the eco-conscious consumer? For the fashionista? The visual elements of your branding can especially help with this aspect and communicate to your customers what you’re all about.
  7. Keeps your business’ image consistent: Branding keeps your business’ image consistent across channels. Using the same colors, fonts, and overall aesthetics can help promote brand recognition among your customers.

If you don’t have consistent branding yet, you’ll want to consider it to ensure you are communicating what your business is all about to your external and internal audiences. Your business will be all the stronger for it.

Did you know that, as part of our graphic design offerings, we offer branding services? Whether you need a logo created or a full branding package, here at TinyBull, we can help.

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