Email Marketing

In days gone by, the best way to let your customers know that a new business was in town or that you were going to be putting on an amazing sale was to put out a mass flyer mailing. Nowadays, customers are more likely to put these unsolicited mailers directly into their garbage bin than they are to engage with them – or your services – in any meaningful way.

Reach Your Customers

The way to reach your customers now is online, and more specifically, through their email inbox. But, in the age of endless inbox spam from every online company under the sun, it’s imperative that you engage with your email marketing campaign with strategy and finesse. TinyBull Marketing can help.

The Need For Email Marketing

Engagement is crucial in the age of social media, and email marketing can help your customers to engage with your business in conjunction with social media and other online marketing approaches. A well planned email campaign can serve to continually remind your customers of the deals and fantastic services that you can provide them with at regular intervals. In addition, customers on the email list can be provided with special deals, which serves to endear them emotionally to your business and make them “feel special” on a psychological level.

The power of giving something away

You may have noticed an increase in websites offering to give you something for free, most often an ebook, in exchange for signing up to their mailing list. This is a powerful technique that when done right can create lifelong engagement in a prospective customer. No one views giving away their email address as an exchange, in the mind of your customer, they are getting something of value for nothing at all. Who wouldn’t like that? But in the mind of the savvy marketer, the customer has declared their commitment to your products and services.

After all, if they occasionally get something they perceive to be of value for free, their mental resistance towards making a purchase is reduced. The thing you give away for free doesn’t even necessarily have to be free.

The occasional coupon or neat tips and tricks in a newsletter can serve the same purpose of putting your business at the forefront of a customer’s mind when they think about purchasing what you provide. Your skills and value added have already been proven.

How TinyBull can help

TinyBull Marketing is staffed by marketing gurus. We know all the tips and psychological tricks of the trade that can help to create value in the minds of your customers and hook others still into professing loyalty to your unique brand. We work with you in order to put together the best possible campaign that will be sure to get your customers coming back for more, again and again.

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