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Streaming Television 

Streaming Television services refer to streaming platforms that deliver their content to customs over the internet, and often on demand. Customers can view the content on their PC, mobile devices, or on “Smart” TVs with internet access. Popular examples include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video. Because these services also produce original content, it is common for individuals to be subscribed to more than one of them at the same time. In effect, streaming services have taken the place of traditional TV packages with a higher degree of convenience and a lower overall cost.

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Why Stream Ads On TV?

There’s no denying that the phenomenon of “cord cutting”- people cancelling their expensive cable packages – has only been accelerating. Yet, viewership of hit shows is higher than ever. It’s clear that people aren’t consuming less media, they’re simply doing so using the future of content delivery. The value proposition in creating a Streaming TV platform or delivering advertisements through one is clear: an unparalleled and growing group of potential customers that can be directly targeted based on demographic factors unique to them. Unlike traditional TV advertising, customers are targeted based on demographic identifiers collected from them through their use of the Streaming TV service. Ads are then custom tailored to their customer based on those identifiers. Now, rather than reaching all subscribers during prime time, many of whom won’t be in your target customer base, you can reach only those who were already likely to be interested in your product to begin with, maximizing the value and potential revenue achievable by your campaign.

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TinyBull TV is for advertisers looking to create value priced digital video. We offer cross platform reach, competitive CPMs, and data targeting. Our targeting methods enable us to ensure that your ads are served to the most likely demographics to purchase your product or service. In addition to this, we offer unparalleled brand safety. Your ads will be served in addition to family friendly, brand safe content. In addition, we offer fast onboarding and ad creation. At a low cost, we can create a 15-30 second advertisement for your company or brand. Our team can assist you from beginning to end in finding the best streaming television solution for you.

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