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The Difference Between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing
You have put your blood, sweat, and tears into starting your business. You want social media platforms that truly reflect all of that hard work! You are ready to start, but don’t know where to begin. There are so many terms and references that come with trying to navigate your business’ social media pages which can become overwhelming.
We get it. And we’ve got you covered.
Let’s start with the basics – understanding the different facets of social media. It is easy to assume social media management and social media marketing are one and the same – heck, say them both three times fast and they sound pretty much identical. As similar as the two sound, social media marketing, and social media management are two different entities.
Let’s break it down –
To understand the difference between social media management and social media marketing, you must know the difference between paid and organic growth.
Think of social media marketing as paid growth. When you are pursuing social media marketing, you can select your target audience, and, based on your budget, directly advertise to that select group of people instantly, with almost guaranteed quick results.
On the other hand, social media management is an organic approach. This means that rather than paying to direct your content at your target audience, you have to put in the effort for them to come to you. This means building consistent content, engaging with your social media community, and posting strategically to grow your following organically. Using tools like hashtags, geotags, and more, you can get your brand noticed without paying a cent.
While social media marketing is more immediate, social media management is more of a long-term strategy. This means that while you may start small, with persistent posting and engagement, you will begin to see organic growth throughout your first year and beyond.
You may be asking yourself – which one is better?
Just like one of our favorite taco ads, we want to ask you “¿Porque no los dos?” – why not both?
You not only want to direct attention to your pages; you want to gain followers who will stick around and generate sales. Social media marketing will target your audience directly to generate traffic back to your pages. Social media management produces consistent content that will then KEEP those followers around.
Having both social media marketing and social media management will build a level of trust between you and your clients. By showing up consistently via social media, your clients know that you are investing as much in them as you hope they will invest in you.
Now you know –
Both social media management and social media marketing are vital when creating captivating social media pages that reflect your company’s personality and generate success. It’s all apart of building a reliable, engaging, and unique brand that connects well with your target audience.
Ready to start your social media journey? At TinyBull, we have all the tools you need for successful social pages. Contact us today to learn how we can boost your growth through social media! Let your voice be “herd” – with TinyBull.

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