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Social media has quickly become a buzz word in the world of marketing. While most business owners know what social media is, they don’t fully understand how it works. Often times business owners think that just having a Facebook or Instagram page is enough to generate sales, but it’s not that simple. The reality is that only a minuscule number of sales are directly generated from using social media. Which begs the question: why bother with social media in the first place? 

First, having a strong social media presence helps increase brand awareness. 55% of all prospective customers will first interact with a company through their online presence – most often through their mobile phone. Second, in today’s fast-paced world, social media is how people communicate and get information. Repeated studies have found that people spend multiple hours on their phones each day. Being able to effectively and easily communicate with customers is vital in helping a business grow. Having an active social media presence can also enhance your customer value proposition by being able to directly respond to customers and share useful information. This helps to “humanize” your brand, and keep people coming back not just for your content but for your product as well. In addition, sharing personal, fun, or funny content helps build relationships amongst current and potential customers, which will enhance the customer lifetime value– even if it does not directly generate sales.

Social media has it’s pros and cons, but digital ads can really take your online marketing campaign to the next level. Digital ads are different from traditional advertising because they utilize popular sites to reach people through various media applications. With digital ads you can be very specific with whom you target, from gender, age, location, to even annual household income. You can even run broad campaigns across the entire United States. Digital ads are what get your company seen! They can be simple (like a coupon or special promotion) or they can be more complex (like running a search engine marketing ad or pay-per-click ad). Digital ads can help broaden a company’s exposure to new people and market segments, creating the potential for growth. However, running one digital ad is usually not enough. To succeed, a business must be consistent and run digital ads regularly to reach new people.

Digital ads help generate sales, while social media helps keep customers engaged with your business. In today’s digital world, you need both social media management and digital ads for your business to reach its full potential.

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