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Did you know that over 90% of potential customers are reading online reviews? In addition, roughly 95% of shoppers also look at the reviews before making a purchasing decision. With online reviews from verified buyers becoming a trusted source of information, it’s vital that your company actively manage both the positive and the negative reviews across all platforms.

However, managing reviews across multiple platforms can be quite a feat. It takes skill, patience, and understanding to tactfully navigate reviews. Often it is easy for businesses to become frustrated as they struggle to promote positive reviews while responding to negative ones. Yet, not engaging with reviewers could be costly. 

So what is a business owner supposed to do? First, a company needs to have a marketing strategy in place to encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews. This could range from, sending out follow up emails or providing incentives for leaving a review like, discounts or coupons. Being able to get constant positive reviews could lead to consistent growth and better SEO. Second, a company should take the time to respond to as many negative reviews as possible, even if the criticism is unwarranted. By taking the time to respond to negative reviews, a company is demonstrating superb customer service in attempting to fix any discrepancies. Responding to negative reviews is essential because negative reviews stick out far more to potential customers in comparison to positive reviews. 

Lastly, a company should consider utilizing a professional organization to assist in reputation management. Reputation management requires a lot of time. The time is spent combing through reviews, instead of focusing on customers. A company like TinyBull Marketing is solely focused on reviewing content and reviews that are left for the company.TinyBull Marketing also has integrated software, making it easier to promote powerful positive reviews while still handling discrepancies that will attract less attention.

TInyBulls’ professional reputation management can assist in helping not just manage a company’s reviews but also create marketing strategies. These marketing strategies can be utilized for positive personal reviews in a way that boosts the company’s bottom line. To have a professional organization handle a company’s business reputation management also frees up their time to focus on other things like building relationships with customers. 

For more information about the impact of reputation management, check out TinyBull Marketing and get started on building your brand reputation today! 

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