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Organic Vs. Paid Social Media Content 

So, you’re trying to decide whether organic or paid content is right for you. There are benefits to each of these types of content for your social media strategy. Read on to learn more about what organic vs. paid content is and the unique benefits of each.

What is Organic Content?

 An organic post is a post you have posted yourself for free. It is not something you put money behind. Organic content is great for reaching your already-existing audience. However, users who do not follow you can also find your organic content by searching for specific keywords. For instance, a user might search social media for the phrase “How to Style a Scarf,” and your post about ways to style a scarf, if optimized properly with its copy, will appear to them.

What is Paid Content?

 Paid content is exactly what it sounds like: Content you put money behind to be shown to more people. This can include boosted posts and social ads. Boosted posts are available on Facebook and Instagram only. These are organic posts that you put money behind to be shown to more people. Social ads are any type of advertisement on social media, for example, a post that’s paid right off the bat. Did you know that 24% more people made a purchase after seeing a social ad this year than last year? The power of paid content is not to be underestimated.

What are the Benefits of Organic vs. Paid Content?

 Both organic and paid content allow you to reach users by their unique interests. Organic content is especially great for managing your brand and reaching your already-existing audience. Since social media is essentially an additional “website” for your brand, posting organic content just like you would on a true company website is a great way to get consumers to buy into your brand and learn more about what your brand is all about. Organic content also has the potential to reach a new audience with the proper copy. Or perhaps something like your organic Instagram Reel goes viral. You’ll reach a new audience that way as well.

However, paid content allows you to be more precise and target an audience at a more specific level. Paid content allows you to target users by location, interests, and more, so that your content reaches a much more targeted audience than organic content may provide. Paid content is optimal for growing your brand and reaching more consumers.

Whether you’re looking to create organic or paid content, TinyBull is here to help. We offer social media management services that provide organic content, as well as paid content management services to manage your paid content efforts. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals! Be sure to check out our social media management plans or book a demo below to see what might work best for you and your business goals.

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