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Do Online Reviews Matter?
Before there was social media, television, radio, or print, there was word of mouth advertising. If you were new to the area, you wouldn’t Google “barber shop near me”. You would simply ask your neighbor where he got his haircut. The ease of today’s technology has made us much less likely to ask a local, and more likely to default to search engines as our doorway to products and services.
Our communication now takes place via keyboard, but word of mouth advertising is still very much alive and well. You can strategize to be at the top of the Google search page, have flawless social media platforms, and run ads until the sun goes down, but your reputation on and offline will truly dictate the direction of your business. Read along as we break down why exactly your online reviews make a huge impact on your brand as a whole.
People Trust People
We have been conditioned to be cautious of people and things before they’ve earned our trust. We’ve all fallen victim to false advertising. Whether the hotel you booked failed to meet that “five star quality” or that roadside diner really didn’t have the “world’s best cup of coffee”, we have all been let down a time or two by some not-so-accurate claims. This is where online reviews come into play. A study done by BrightLocal showed that 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. A business can claim pretty much anything they want about themselves, but the customer reviews are truly what will dictate their reputation. A business could have flawless social pages, sleek ads, and a stylish storefront, but fifty negative reviews on Yelp can pretty much guarantee to cancel that all out. With the accessibility of Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews, customers have the ability to quickly and easily leave reviews at the push of a button. It’s your job to ensure the nature of those reviews will usher more business into your doors.
Reviews Boost Your SEO
Have you ever thought of your clients as content creators? It sounds crazy, but when you think about the way their reviews play into your SEO, it makes sense. First, if you aren’t sure what SEO is, no worries. Head over to our blog, “What The Heck Is SEO” to get a better understanding. Whether the review is positive or negative, they provide Google with keywords about your business. Google takes that information to better analyze your business so they can position you in the SERPS.
Responding to Reviews Boosts Engagement
Having positive interactions with customers will contribute to building lasting relationships. This is why it’s important to respond to social media comments, thoughtful emails, reviews and more. Whether the review was good or not-so-good, always make sure to respond to the client. Thank them for their kind words, or give them a special offer if they experienced any issues. This shows your dedication to the client, and that they are valued in your eyes. Plus, your response will also boost your keywords for Google. Your response to a negative review may also encourage the client to edit the review or even take it down, which will help with improving CTR.
So how do you start to build up your online reviews? The answer is simple. Just ask your clients! If you have clients who constantly rave about your business, send them a review request. Once your reviews start to flood in, you can even repurpose them as social media posts and list them on your website, adding to your credibility over multiple channels.
Not sure where to begin? TinyBull can help manage your reputation with our powerful software that will monitor, manage and market your reviews. Schedule your FREE 14 Day Demo today!

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