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New Plan Features!

At TinyBull, we’re always growing and changing. That’s why we’re proud to announce these brand-new features included with our various social media marketing plans!


Short-form video is all the rage thanks to the likes of TikTok and Instagram, and it remains a fantastic way of getting your brand image out to new eyes quickly and succinctly. We create reels for as long as 90 seconds, and the platforms enable other users to share them directly to their feeds – further increasing the organic reach of your brand image.

Reels are a great way to reach people organically, helping increase your overall number of likes, engagement and even following. If you provide us with video assets, we will create your reel and log into Instagram directly to post. Furthermore, if you don’t have video assets to provide, we can create expertly crafted videos for you using high-quality stock videos, brand elements, typography or text overlay, and music!  Scheduling for Reels is included in our Bushwhacker, Bodacious, and El Gran Toro plans.

Community Outreach

In the age of social media, online marketing campaigns live and die by the level of engagement they receive from their audience. The algorithms across multiple platforms are set up in such a way as to promote the content that people are already engaging with. Our community outreach service takes the guesswork out of social media engagement and helps you to organically grow your following. We can help new and existing accounts alike grow their followings and establish communities they can be proud of. This service includes but isn’t limited to:

– Time spent following your competitors, seeing what they do, and replicating that in ways that make sense for your brand image.

– Time spent following other organizations in your geographic area.

– Sending “request to follow” invites when individuals interact with one or more of your accounts but do not follow your page.

– Browsing “recommended” accounts to follow on both Instagram and Facebook.

– Syncing Facebook followers with Instagram followers.

These are just a few of the hundreds of steps our skilled team can take to craft the best possible social media strategy for your business. We will create a specified plan that works best for your business and will spend 60 minutes a week implementing this plan. Community Outreach is included in our TinyBull, Bushwacker, Bodacious, and El Gran Toro plans.

Monthly Content Calendar

We write your social media content a month in advance and now offer the option of sending you a monthly content calendar! The 30-day calendar does not include imagery, but rather ideas and objectives, for example, brand awareness, website push, event promotion, etc. – giving you plenty of time to review our tailored approach and add any additional events or promotions as you see fit. We work collaboratively with you to craft the best possible strategy with the goal of increasing your social channels in regard to likes, comments, reach, and impressions. We provide our calendar to you before every monthly strategy call, enabling you to make suggestions early and promptly, while still maintaining our standard content approvals process. Take advantage of our ability to provide you with a snapshot of your campaign’s future. The Monthly Content Calendar is included in our TinyBull, Bushwacker, Bodacious, and El Gran Toro plans.

What are you waiting for? Extend your online reach today. Book a call with us, and let’s craft your online marketing future together!

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