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Email Marketing: Why You Should Do It & Where To Start

We all can relate to having a full email inbox. Whether it’s TJ Maxx, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite coffee shop down the street, it seems everyone has a hand in the email marketing game – and for good reason. 

While social media is thought of as the highest level of online connection today, there is still great power in a trusty email list.

It has been proven that your audience is actually 3x as likely to catch one of your emails rather than see a social media post. When considering the nature of the social media algorithms, it is likely that a good chunk of your audience may not see each and every one of your posts.

While social media platforms are an amazing way to connect to your people, what would you do if those platforms disappeared tomorrow? This is where an email list comes in handy.

No matter how faithful your followers are or how successful your social pages may be, you STILL need that email list. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s start by considering our mindsets. Audiences are most engaged when we are avoiding the spammy sales pitches, and rather are offering them services that cater to their wants and needs. Look at your email list as a heartfelt letter to your clients; an opportunity to tell them what they might not already know. It is important to strategize so that your audience is receiving helpful information with a mixture of promotional info. When you look at email marketing as a way to offer opportunities to your audience, it shows you have their best interest in mind. This builds trust between you and your client, which leads to brand loyalty.

When brainstorming for your email marketing campaigns, it is important to identify your ideal client – what problems do they need to be solved, how can you offer them something of value, what is it that they love? Step one is knowing your client, step two is to market to them in an efficient and effective way.

Now that you have identified your ideal clients and brainstormed what you can offer them, how do you start creating those emails and sending them out? That’s where Tinybull steps in. Tell us about your tribe and what content will benefit them best and we can handle the rest! 

At TinyBull, we offer email marketing services to fully optimize your contact list to help build up your brand. We will make an email marketing plan with you, write engaging and effective content, and even advise you on how to build out that email list so you can reach an even wider audience.

Some things never change, and while social media is a vital aspect of marketing today, we cannot ignore the importance of optimizing our email lists. 

Email marketing allows you to contact your clients directly and offer them content they may not see on Instagram or Facebook. Without worries of an algorithm or a character limit, email marketing opens a direct channel of communication between you and your audience so that you can offer them more and build your brand loyalty.

Contact us today to learn how we can offer our email marketing services to your company!


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