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Advertising in Uncertain Times

Recent events have made business owners more uncertain than ever. We are facing unemployment levels unprecedented in the last century, and an economic crisis that makes the 2008 crisis pale in comparison. This begs the question, how are businesses supposed to acquire a customer base amid this ongoing crisis?

The simple answer is that they should pivot to the modern environment. If everyone is staying home on the internet, then your business should attempt to reach them where they are – online.

With a looming repeat to shutdowns, businesses that wish to survive this fiscal year and beyond are moving online. Social media, PPC, and SEO are the vehicles through which a business capable of pivoting use to move forward in the post COVID-19 environment. Businesses which seek to not only survive but thrive are making full use of online advertising.

Online advertising was important pre-COVID-19, but it is vital post pandemic. In order to reach customers in the current environment, you have to reach them where they are – and that place is on the internet. Businesses that have refused to make the pivot to the online environment are beginning to fail, and you do not want yours to be one of the them.

Uncertain times require novel methods. In order to reach your customers, you must reach them where they are. More people than ever are receiving their news and information online exclusively. Through taking advantage of social media and search engine optimization tactics, you can take advantage of cutting edge online advertising methodologies before your competitors have the chance.

Our elite herd here at TinyBull Marketing has the skills and the experience needed to take your new online advertising campaign to the next level. Get ahead of your competition, and contact our elite consultants today.

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