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6 Keys To Communicating With Clients


Our herd handles a lot more than posting to social media and creating graphics. At TinyBull, we think of our clients as the matadors, and of ourselves as a small but mighty bull, charging towards their success!🐂 We go above and beyond to ensure our clients feel seen, heard, and valued. While it’s not always easy, we’ve coined a few key ways to keep our clients happy and in the loop through effective communication.

We’ve broken it all down to 6 simple practices. It’s time to say goodbye to misunderstandings and hello to streamlined communication!

1. Listen First, Speak Second

 How are we to help our clients if we don’t take the time to hear them out? It is vital we fully listen to our client’s needs so that we can address them properly. Once we’ve heard their side, we can then collaborate and offer relevant solutions. This helps us avoid running in constant circles, which save tons of time and frustration for both parties. When your client knows you’re listening and that you care, they will feel valued, and your relationship will grow stronger.

2. Meet Them Halfway 

 They say no two people are alike – and the same goes for our communication styles! We all communicate and learn in different ways. Remember in school when they asked if you were a visual or auditory learner? This still applies in every facet of our lives as adults. While one client might need to see everything laid out in front of them, another might require that you walk them through your thought process verbally. Some clients might strictly communicate via email, while others prefer talking on the phone. One good rule of thumb is to ask your client how they prefer to communicate during the onboarding process. Meeting them where they are at from the get-go can cut out any future back and forth.


3. Keep Things Clear

 When you are an expert in your field, translating information to a client who is new to your industry may take time. At times, it may even feel like you and your client are speaking two different languages. When communicating a foreign concept to your client, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine how you could express your thoughts in a way that would make sense to them. The best way to do this is to simplify! Create a simple outline of your thought with key points that can be easily communicated to your client. Don’t overthink it, and DON’T over communicate. Be brief and clear, and answer and questions your client may have.

4. Rework Your Written Communication

All of us can recall a time where we had a mini heart attack due to a misconstrued text or email. When words are written and not spoken, the absence of vocal tone creates opportunity for misinterpretation. This is why we must be careful in the words we choose when communicating via email or messenger. The best way to avoid this? Re-read your message from the perspective of the recipient. Ask yourself – is there anyway they could misinterpret this? How can I make this more clear/positive/concise? Giving your email copy a once-over before pressing send can make a world of a difference.

5. Take Notes

While this tip can seem pretty obvious, it is truly a vital step in staying consistent with clients. Every time you jump on a call, make sure you keep record of where you are with this client. Write down any and everything that seems relevant, that way when you touch base again, you are up to date and on the same wavelength. Even remembering little things the clients share will show that you care. Having everything written down and organized in one place can also prevent projects from falling through the cracks. Staying on top of your clients info will help maintain a thriving client/business relationship while keeping you constantly on task.

6. Remain Open Minded!

Be open to learning something new from your client! While you might be the expert in your field, there is always more to learn from the world around us. Your client might have incredible ideas you’ve never thought of before. When thinking of the relationship as collaborative, your work will become more constructive. Remember – this is a partnership! You are working with a client, so always consider their thoughts and ideas.

When you run with our herd, you’ll never fall behind. Our team is dedicated to making sure our clients stay in the loop and satisfied with our services. Ready to become one of our matadors? Raise your cape and shout “olé”! Head over to our services tab to learn about our plans today. 


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