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The Importance of Keeping a Consistent Brand Voice

Whether you’re starting your new business venture, or you’re looking to rebrand your current business, it’s important that your brand is authentic for it to attract your target audience. Being authentic means being true to oneself, and while this is important for people, it is just as important for brands, too.

Here are our top five tips for building an authentic brand, no matter what stage of the process you’re at:

Know Your “Why” and Make It Clear

At its heart, a brand is a story. It’s about the founder, the history, the reason for its inception, and the need it meets for its consumers. What’s your “why?” Why did you start the brand? Why should your audience care about your brand? What story does your brand tell its consumers? Make it clear in your marketing materials, your mission, vision, and values.

Be Honest with Your Audience

Nothing is worse than a brand that’s deceptive. You’ll easily lose the trust of your consumer base by being dishonest. An honest brand is one that is honest about things such as, what causes does the brand donate to? What exciting news is coming up for the brand? What does your brand offer? Transparency, when done strategically, of course, is key.

Engage with Your Brand Consumers

Being authentic as a person means building genuine relationships with other people. The same goes for your brand! Engage with your audience. Listen to their concerns. Listen to their praises. They’ll thank you for it. After all, they are ultimately the reason your brand will continue to exist.

Create an Internal Culture That’s Distinctive and Supportive

For your brand to be successful to an outside audience, it first needs to be successful on the inside. Do your employees buy into your brand mission? Do your employees promote your brand to others? This ties back into your brand story. With a strong sense of “why,” you can create better internal buy-in to the brand.

Adjust Your Brand When Necessary. There’s nothing worse than a brand that you can tell is inauthentic. Like people, brands evolve, change, and grow over time. It’s okay to change a value or two or to update your mission statement. Being authentic means being true to who you are; make sure your brand is true to itself.


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