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5 Tips For Boosting Social Engagement
So you finally did it – you took a deep dive into those uncharted social media waters. You started your accounts, got some creative copy and eye catching graphics, and now you’re sharing your brand for the whole world to see. You’ve prepped and planned, and you’re ready for the thousands of followers to flood in! But… they just aren’t – yet.
Social media is a beast of its own, with so many factors that come into play. There is no set formula, and it can take time to discover what works best for your brand. Much like we’ve explained in our article, “What’s the Difference?”, social media management and social media marketing are not one in the same. This article is specific to organic growth in social media management, and how to boost your accounts when things seem to be falling flat.
So! If you’re ready to learn how to boost your social engagement, grab your coffee and a notebook, and let’s get right down to it.
1. Consistency and Storytelling
Organic growth is like dating. Think of the steps you take when looking for a partner. You don’t immediately walk up to a stranger and propose – you introduce yourselves, find common interest, take the time to invest in them, learn their likes, dislikes and needs, etc.. The same goes for gaining followers organically. Since we aren’t shooting paid advertisements directly their way, we have to give our audience a reason to come to us. We do this by consistently telling a captivating story that means something to someone. When you are constantly showing up for your audience, they will show up for you too.
We suggest business accounts post no less than three times a week, and no more than six. You want to maintain a constant presence without going overboard with the posting at the risk of sounding spammy. Too busy to post regularly for your business? That’s where TinyBull can step in 😎 Your posts should add value to your audience’s lives – sharing tips and tricks, free advice and resources, and insights on new deals and opportunities. We like to say your posts should be 20% sales, and 80% helpful and intriguing content for your audience. You need to give them a reason to stick around!
2. Interact Within Your Community
Another impactful way to boost your social engagement is by interacting with other users within your community. This could be your local community, or the online community in which your industry lies. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, it’s vital you follow and interact with other wedding vendors in your area – wedding coordinators, wedding venues, bridal boutiques, etc.. Interact with their posts – like, comment and share! Since you are all likely to work together, build up those connections and show your support – they will likely do the same for you. There is also great value in tagging other users, as well as tagging your location. Let’s say you post a photo of a bride and groom at sunset. If you tag the wedding venue, the dress boutique, the food vendor, the florist, the make up artist, and so on; now your photo is in all of those account’s tagged photos! Not only are you showing support for the businesses within your community, but you are getting your business’ name out there as well.
Maybe you’re not a wedding photographer. Maybe you’re a business coach, or a nutritionist, or an HVAC company. There is still value in interacting with others online! Search a hashtag within your industry. Maybe it’s #smallbusinessowner. Hundreds of thousands of pictures will pop up in front of you. Like and comment on those who seem like potential leads! It could be something as simple as applauding their work, or maybe even an offer to collaborate. The more your account is actively interacting with others, the more you will get noticed.
3. Plug Your Social Wherever You Can
This may seem counter intuitive, but we often forget to share about our social! Once you’ve got those business pages up, make a post on your personal accounts letting your followers know you’ve got this business. Put your social handles on your business card, in your email signature, and even on product packaging. Invite your colleagues to like your Facebook page. Make sure you have hyperlinked social icons on your website. With everything you do, subtly (or not so subtly!) point back to your social pages.
4. Try Doing a Give-Away
We’ve seen this tactic help so many of our clients gain growth on their social accounts. Especially with the holidays coming up, giveaways are a great tool to expedite social growth. Whether you are giving away $500 of beauty products, or a $50 Starbucks gift card, offering up a hot button item can increase engagement exponentially. Typical give away rules require the audience to like and share the post, follow the account, and tag three friends in the comments. Users will tag their friends, and their friends will tag more friends, and the cycle goes on. Your followers will increase quickly, along with your brand awareness. Giving away $100 worth of products could result in an infinite amount of sales and loyal customers.
5. Maybe It’s Time To Do More
You’ve tried organic growth. You’ve been consistent in posting, your content is high quality, you engage within your community and you’ve tried a give away or two. If you are still wanting to see more growth, maybe it’s time to expand your marketing techniques. Have you considered email marketing? Blogging? Maybe it’s time you boosted a social post, or even pursued paid ads. At TinyBull, we offer a multitude of services alongside our social media management that will boost your business to where it needs to be. Ready to take your business to the next level? Chat with us today!

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