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5 Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business

The lifeblood of any serious business these days is its online marketing efforts. When customers want to find a new product or service, they’re increasingly going to Google and social media. But, the landscape is constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up! Here are five of the latest online marketing trends that you can start using today to help boost your business and stay competitive:

Short Videos

We live in the age of TikTok and Instagram Reels! Short-form videos on social media have completely taken over. Instagram Reels leveraged the success of short-form videos from TikTok and Meta’s massive, global user base to produce one of the most powerful marketing tools that any business can put at their disposal right now. Short-form video enables your customers to get the gist of what you offer in a fun and engaging way doing what they already were – scrolling their feed.


More than 55% of all internet users access websites exclusively from their mobile devices. Search engines have taken note of this trend – any website that hasn’t been optimized for mobile screens can be de-ranked in search results. If you want customers to find you and be able to interact with your site on their devices, you need to be optimized for mobile. It’s no longer optional!

Blogging will be here to stay

The rumors of blogging’s death in the era of AI have been greatly exaggerated. Blogging and other forms of long-form content remain king when it comes to search engine optimization. The expert use of language and keyword density can take any run-of-the-mill page from obscurity to the front page of Google – without black hat techniques or click farming.

Customer Service

Customer service and social media can be a match made in heaven. When customers have an issue with a product or service, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out and voice their grievances via social media platforms. This gives your social media management team a golden opportunity. Not only can you solve a customer’s problem, but you can also demonstrate to the public at large that your team is responsive, committed to getting it right, and cares about the brand. It’s a soft skill, but one of the most vital in creating a lasting positive impression of your brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, AI can be a great tool for marketing! Artificial intelligence can detect more patterns than human beings could ever dream of. Feeding your existing analytic data into an AI can help you to identify pain points and potential market segments that you may not have considered otherwise.

If you’re ready to take your online marketing to the next level, our expert team here at TinyBull can help! Join our herd of satisfied clients and let us custom-tailor an online marketing strategy that will help you truly stand out from the crowd.

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